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People should start disobeying God's Law less (saying for good is too much). There is too much hatred in this world why don't people simply follow God's will and all comes from within and wonderful things will happen.

True. All "worldly sociological divisions" are surmounted in the Person of Christ. St. Maximos the Confessor taught that in Christ, all the divisions that have sundered human society can be transcended -- but only in Christ. Then, after the union of humanity, then the union of humanity with all of the sensible Creation. Then the union of sensible Creation with the bodiless Creation. Then all Creation with the Creator -- in union according to Grace, not Nature.

Of course, all of this starts in the communion of one soul with Christ: no unity is possible without this predicate.

Of course, as St. Paul points out elsewhere, that transcendence also extends to economic relationships - "slave and free", and also, even to "male and female".

Yes, Ben, the immediate prima facie context has to do with the transcendence of worldly sociological divisions: "In the new [dispensation]," Florovsky once wrote, "all national discriminations are emphatically abrogated: there is no more distinction between a Jew and a Greek -- are are indiscriminately in the same Christ."

As we discussed on the phone, the One Hypostasis of Christ uniting the two natures is the substance, the means and the ends of this unity.

So it goes beyond the negative definitions of non-Greekness and non-Jewishness. It is the union of humanity with divinity in the Person of Jesus Christ -- and we enter that union through communion.

I appreciate this post, but I do have one question of clarification: doesn't the context of Eph. 2:14-18 focus on the "one man" uniting Jew and Gentile rather than the divine and human natures? Just wondering.

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