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Thank you for the information and the insight.

Blessed are those who mourn.

This was linked and commented upon by Mark Shea this morning..

Excellent analysis!

"It seems that the multi-national, multi-institutional (including public education) full-court press to reframe abortion away from "infanticide" toward some sort of foggy, quasi-heroic "individual choice" has worked."

Perfectly worded! I stand with you unequivocally to defend God created, designed and fully intended gift of life, of that which only the Lord Himself has made!

I'm sure that being asked to shoort someone in cold blood might cause some mental distress, while shooting people in ten-hour shifts might be more physically tiring and less mentally distressing. Blowing the first brain out is probably more traumatic for the shooter than the 301st, especially after a hard day's shooting.

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