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Ditto this sounding good. While I don't know that much about the situation, I probably know more than is good for my soul. And I find the culture war aspect particularly wrenching - that, as you say "We have forgotten the possibility that the life of the unborn child is continuous with the suffering of the poor and the stranger -- and that care for these is a certain manifestation of theosis." I am sickened both by the idea of an Orthodoxy identified with the religius right, and with an Orthodoxy identified with corporate American (or whatever) culture.

Alas, when things such as these occur, I am reminded that we Orthodox put the "B" in byzantine intrigue and that legacy of Byzantium has been a plague upon our house ever since. Lord, have mercy on us all.

No doubt you are referring to elcclesiastical power plays and politics, and as you say, knowing the details is not necessarily good for the soul. And such things happen everywhere. That's why what you said sounded good, even if one doesn't know the details.

You're lucky, Fr. Deacon Steven, because you are located in such a way where it is possible to be free of this knowledge. I'm sure that if you go to the Orthodox Christians for Accountability site (among others), you will learn more than is good the soul. I hope things are more peaceful where you are. I hasten to add that things are peaceful at the level of real Christianity: i.e., sacraments, prayers, acts of love and ministry.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, since you make many allusions to events of which I have no knowledge, but it sounds good.

I think I now know why Russians seem to drink so much.

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