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What Elizabeth said.

A saintly bishop is a precious treasure.

How poignant and beautifully writte, Father.

My sinere condolences on your sad loss, and may His Eminence's Memory be Eternal....

My prayers for you and your parish, and for Reader Douglas.

Reader Douglas has my small prayers.

Please know that many many are praying.

Your reflections brought tears to my eyes.

As you know, my family and I knew and loved His Eminence as well as anyone and we share in your recollections and remember anecdotes of our own. ....

You wrote, "He will pray for another blue-collar bishop who knows his Carpatho-Russian people and their neighbors. He will pray that we remain faithful to our Mother Church and to the witness God has prepared for us from the Carpathian Mountains to these American lands. He will pray that we keep plain chant alive, and that we keep pinching pirohi, that our mission churches will thrive and that our young people keep waking up in Light and Life at our Camp and in our parishes."

I know with the certainty that only our faith can impart to us, that he is not alone in those prayers.

Together with the brave pioneering priests who formed our little diocese, united with his parents and his beloved spiritual mentors Fr.Irenaeus Dolhy and Fr. Joseph Maczkov from Perth Amboy, his Bishops - Orestes and, yes, John...Fathers Molchany, Yurcisin, Zeleniak, Sopoliga and others and his dearest priest friends, Father Stephen Sedor and my dad, Father Stephen Dutko, with whom he would love to swap 'tall tales' about the old days and sing songs from the heart extolling the Blessed Mother, kraiju and their beloved prostopenije - they are all praying for us and with us.

I sense the end of an era tracing its roots back to the first Sobor of delegates in Pittsburgh so many years ago who gathered as the Committee for the Preservation of the Eastern Rite and who had the courage to face Rome, ignore Moscow, and stand up for the rights that had supposedly been granted under the union of Uzhorod but which had been ignored by Rome when our people came to these shores.

Thus it is altogether fitting that we shall pray and commemorate the Exarch of the Ecumenical Throne as our 'locum tenens' during the coming months as it was through the kind, loving and patient embrace of the Ecumenical Throne that this small, disparate and disillusioned group of Greek Catholics came under the Omophorion of the Patriarch and back home into the Orthodox Church.

Well done, good and faithful servant of the Lord, Vladyko Kyr Nikolai. You have fought the good fight, you have run the race and you have kept the Faith. Eternal be your memory. Vicnaja Jemu Pamjat.

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