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Thank you for those beautiful words about our dear Vladyko. I thank our good God for allowing him to be a part of our lives. I have not known a more holier, humble, or kinder person than he. I pray that all of us follow his example, and make him proud of us. The light of his torch is dimming, and he is passing it on to each of us. Let's make our shepherd proud of his flock by following his teachings and the example he set for all of us.

I, along with my family (Salony, Stack, and Tymus), and Vladyko's family at St. Nicholas Church, NYC, are honored that he was sent to us and served as our pastor for 10 years. His memory can NEVER be taken away, and he will always hold a special place in all of our hearts.

As someone said earlier, "We have not deserved a single one of your years, and you have given so many".

Stephanie Salony

Thank you Father for your words. We have known His Eminence for all of my fifty seven years. He and my late father were truly kindred spirits in many ways, as being a good pastor and shepherd was the only real goal that each man possessed. Their love for the Rusyn people and their deep knowledge of our beloved prostopenije will never be replicated. Metropolitan Nicholas has done so much to heal the wounds within our parish communities and families caused by the horrific battles between those who chose to remain Greek Catholics and those who followed Fr. Chornock on the path to Orthodoxy those many years ago. The Dutko family is joined with you in prayer at this time and we know that he will be in good company, having fought the good fight and having run the race as St. Paul wrote. Axios! Axios! Axios!

Thank you for this reminder that even in our blighted age there are truly Good people. May your love for him be rewarded in some way that is not-worldly, but still rich.

Thank you, Fr. Jonathan, for saying what so many of us feel. Vladyka is the only bishop a great many of us have known, and to contemplate him ~not~ being our bishop makes me feel empty and more than a little sad.

One thing I would add to your thoughts is to note His Eminence's enormous love for missions. My own parish here in North Carolina would not be in existence, if it were not for his warmth and zeal to take Orthodoxy to places where it is not known.

Finally, I had to smile at Cheriwms' comment about children and the Metropolitan. On those all too rare occasions when he visited my former parish in Atlanta, it did not take 10 minutes before he was submerged in children. Kids have never had a problem instinctively recognizing and responding to his wonderful heart.

May God grant strength to our Metropolitan as he continues to fight the good fight. Always an example of humility. This Diocese has been blessed beyond measure for the last 25+ years. May he always be remembered in our prayers.
Thank you, Fr. Jonathan, for putting into words the thoughts and and prayers of all of us.

Surely Webster's Dictionary will redefine "love" as: "See Metropolitan Nicholas of the American Carpatho-Russian Othodox Diocese in the USA." Mere words cannot fully describe this man and his love for the people of his Diocese. All Bishops in the church should be like him. I will miss him dearly.
Fr. Deacon James

What a wonderful way to begin this Lenten season, to reflect on Metropolitan Nicholas. As I pray for our Bishop, I also pray that I can become a stronger Orthodox Christian and follow the path of our Shephard. I stand in awe in His presence both watching Him on the Alter and watching Him with the children.
I get goosebumps when He blesses us from the Alter and also as I watch the children run to see Him when the bells of Camp Nazareth ring. The children Love Him and they know that He loves them back. He always takes the time to speak to and get to know the children. He has taught them the importance of church, family and respect.
I grew up fearful of our leaders, our children are growing up leaarning to respect our Leader and their friend. They can't wait to greet Him and tell Him what they have been doing all week at camp because He has taught them by example to be kind, loving, caring, and that being Orthodox means we are all Gods children, we are all family.
Bishop Nicholas, thank you for being a great example to our children. I feel so blessed that we have You in our lives and that my children believe YOU are their friend.

Thank you Father John for writing this article. It was a worthy tribute to Bishop Nicholas (Vladyka). The article was beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes. I hope all will read this and pray for him every day.

I was reading this to my wife and had to stop reading it aloud due to my emotion. A worthy, poetic tribute to a true vessel of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Father for the great article.

Many years!

May the Theotokos comfort and enfold you in her loving arms as she prays to her Son on your behalf, Vladyka.

God bless our diocese and His Eminence. He has led his people with great pastoral love. He has shown great kindness to my family and, while I worry that there are few men with the humility and holiness to lead as he has, I am sure that his impression on our diocese will be felt for many years to come.

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