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Thanks for bringing up Senator Moynihan, one of the true giants of the Senate and of our post-war republic. I had the privilege of meeting him several times and he was indeed a most prescient and astute fellow. His writings on the process of the republic and the root causes of our current day problems are fascinating. He was in many ways a prophet without honor in his own land. His works about race and his service for the Nixon administration wrongfully positioned many close-minded progressives to dismiss him. I suspect that history will be much kinder.

Well diagnosed doctor, but what is the Rx?

Mass media did this long before the internet, we are simply producers of scandal as much as we were consumers before. "News from around the world" means our hearts have to bear up under the multitude of its sins in ways we are not equipped to do. "Some priest" out there "somewhere" does something and now it is not just for his parish and perhaps his bishop, to deal with. Now folks on the other side of the world know and can fabricate their own offense and sit in judgment over the accused and everyone who is remotely connected to them, the authorities over them, etc. Disasters do this as well. We imagine we feel the suffering of folks in far away places (with strange sounding names) and we ache for them in their plight. We distract ourselves, in fact, finding ourselves complete strangers to our neighbors as our hearts fly around the globe to dwell with imaginary people. This is not to say they are not real, but that our knowledge of them is utterly fabricated.

Shall we throw our hands up, sit in our cells, or parishes, and pray? Here we are, you and I, communicating on your blog. Would it be better if we had never shared correspondence? What shall we do?

I think this is the real reason why some of my friends who question my conversion to Orthodoxy and its monastic tradition. How can one sit in a cell when corrupt officials steal millions from old women? Ah, but what can we do about justice, what do we know of justice? We are fools. But we are fools who have responsibilities to one another, however foolishly we execute them. Oh I could go around and about all day with such indecision.

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