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Thank you, HK.

I wouldn't bow down without you.

"Bow down and hear our cry..."
God forbid that we would worship a God that isn't sitting on a couch with us munching on chips while compassionately listening to us pour out our many hurts and needs while He writes it all down on His stone tablet and then waves His magic wand and makes all of our dreams come true while checking off each item on OUR to do list on His celestial notepad.
That God would have to bow down and love us as a Tender Father yet All Powerful Creator has been lost in this commercial narcissistic age.

Thanks Joshua. I'll practice it up on the ivories.

And Fr. Greg, I like this hymn too, but it won't get much airplay, especially in the churchman culture.

Perhaps it is impossible that a people lose their pride without losing their thunder. Look at Germany.

I have long loved this hymn.

"The King's Lynn" :

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