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I grew up in a church that specifically didn't have services on Christmas if Christmas fell on a Sunday, because Christmas was a "Roman Catholic adoption of pagan ritual" and not really Christian. (Besides, folks wanted to be home with their families.)

It was no small surprise and delight how the entire season seemed to change in an instant when I became Orthodox and actually met with heaven on that blessed day!

Apparently that "other" mega-church canceled Christmas worship in 2005, and was heavily criticized across the Evangelical world. But apparently the idea has taken hold. Ugh. I'm sure someone has thought about getting rid of Easter, too. The problem is that so many visitors PLAN to attend on Easter, and no one wants to forgo the windfall offerings!

Oh, brother, don't tempt me like this! Wasn't there another mega-church (don't mind the oxymoron) that cancelled Sunday the 25th services the last time around? I think they served out a kitschy DVD to stand in for the inconvenient molecular-exchange that normally denotes community.

Anyhow: don't you think they should think about canceling services for Easter, too, since Easter usually falls on a Sunday? I mean, think of how church interferes with the easter-egg hunts and the bunny processions.

Seriously, I rejoice when the real Christmas (Jan 7th) falls on a Sunday. Beautiful Divine Liturgy. Christmas reception that my better half runs in the Church Hall. Then home for a Big Dickensian Feast (roast beef falling off the bone). Then gift-giving. Can't get better.

Thank you, brother. I was talking with a pastor yesterday who was complaining about having to have a worship service on Christmas (Dec. 25) morning. He wistfully mentioned that a local mega-church was canceling all its services because there was no way their many volunteers (e.g. their worship band) would be there. I said, "Why don't they have a 'traditional' service without the band -- just a piano or guitar playing 'Silent Night'?" He was shocked. "WHAT? That church couldn't worship without a band!" My soul went cold. God have mercy on us Prostitants.

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