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Father, thank you for being so pastoral. (i'm showing my protestantism. sorry.)
...for "tending the sheep" in the midst of many wolves. blessings.

First off, this was a great post. I think your suggestions are correct: pray, fast, repent, love our families and neighbors and churches and the strangers we come across, with lightness of spirit.

To the evolution question: no one has seen a species visible to the eye evolve into another one. The dynamics are not like a Photoshopped morphing of one picture into another.

The evidence is in the superior explanatory power over both observed phenomena and historical data. I'm not a specialist in this, so one who has been formed in, or who is well-acquainted with, anti-evolutionary arguments could probably run circles around me. It's an area of interest, but it's not my direct focus of study.

Though there is much ideology that piggybacks on top of evolution for some (Mary Midgley deals with this), this isn't an argument against evolution, or one to the effect that it is essentially ideological. If there is a serious philosophical criticism to be mounted against it, it is the mechanistic model of causation (Kant seemed to suggest this in one of his Critiques, and Hans Jonas made this a strong theme of his _Phenomenon of Life_, if I recall correctly). There are mechanical causes, and they saturate biological systems. I think that our common experience shows there is a remainder of causes, however, even if this cannot be demonstrated, and even if this has no relevance for the evolution of a species.

I am worried that most people who object to it, even if they don't admit so, are ultimately afraid of dealing with the consequences for their dogmatic commitments and the anticipated collateral on their religious/spiritual life. That's not a good motivation.

I see, Abba, lots of intra-species adaptation. But I have not seen any inter-species translation -- no one has.

Adaptation that produces newer and more complex species is a phenomena that is required by theory, but is not borne out in reality.

So I would ask you, with all respect: So you do recognize the evolutionary development of species? Why?

Only in Trinity are love and work, belief and thought, prayer and life, the same. don't recognize the evolutionary development of species? why?

Father, your words make me want to run and hide myself awhile until the storm is past. But I wonder if it will pass or only worsen until...what? The Second Coming? I dunno. Is the state of affairs within Orthodoxy on the point of death? Surely there are still some prophets in Orthodoxy who have not bowed the knee to Baal. Yes?

Father, this is an outstanding piece. Thank you for sharing it. When I allow myself to get sucked into the rumor/gossip vortex, I can trust you to hit me over the head with a life ring.

You know, I was so taken by your post that I forgot to extend my congratulations to you and your family on your daughter's marriage. May God grant the newlyweds many years! And many years also to their happy parents!

I am in your debt for your kind editorial work.

The fix is in.

And pardon the pun. This low sort of humor is irresistible to me.

Thanks, Stella.

This is one of your most outstanding posts ever. I thank and salute you.

Tiny proofreading issue: You have two "third observations" and sets of corollaries thereof. You may want to revise your numbering of your (actual) fourth observation and following points.

This post wins the internet today.

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