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Dear Father Jonathan:

Last night I looked up before going inside and observed the tremendous sky filled with stars. Where I live, one can see the constellations clearly at night. Afterward, I cannot help but consider how small I am compared to God's vast universe. All the more I am beholden to my Savior Jesus Christ, who entered this world to take on flesh.

I am one of those who looks forward to your blog entries, so I implore you to continue (as time permits) writing here at Second Terrace. You impel me to meditate upon my faith with greater intensity.

I've yet to email you, although the thoughts have been mulling around in my head. I think it's advantageous to ponder and contemplate what one wants to say before putting pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to computer keys. Seldom is it prudent to be hasty with words, which once said cannot be taken back.

Many blessings to you this day, Father. God speed!

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