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Thank you, Sbdcn Lucas, for pointing out the dual parallel.

And Father, all the answers should be "yes," but it is, I know, superficial to say so. In order to get at the "answers," one must reframe the questions into more open-ended ones -- like changing out the phrase "will you" with "how should we."

Now the questions became a lot harder. On the particular side of the question having to do with the episcopacy, I've made a few suggestions before:

In general -- and I think Dionysios and a few others might bear me out -- the episcopacy, for it to be faithful, must be tied tightly to theosis (if "tied" is the right word here to describe such a crucial association).

You are probably aware, already, of my agnosticism regarding administrative union. That said, our real and substantive union is necessary for our ministry in America.

"Will you reveal the causal reflexive relationship between those two verbs?"

I liked that 'those two verbs' can refer either to "teach/show" or "forgive/hope"

Thank you, Father, but I will beg off posting answers. Permit me to suggest that the only answer will be an episcopal tenure.

WOW! These are wonderful questions. Will you post the answers?

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