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Nice! ;-)

Re your post: amen, father, amen

You know, Aaron, that I have a love/dislike/like relationship with Hart, who doesn't know me from Adam -- but that's not saying much since Adam to him doesn't look like anything factual (or actual).

One bristles in rough company. DBH is rough. I don't know if he is convivial or not, which is my chiefest expectation of friendship. I mean to say that he can describe aesthetically the tide rushing down into Charybdis -- but will he sail with you? Aye, there's the question indeed.

But at this hard ecclesial moment I'm given to ask the nautical questions, and so we'll just have to wade and sea..

I always bristle a bit at the figure of DBH, Father, but I applaud these thoughts whole-heartedly. I found the 'Every prayer' paragraph in particular quite encouraging.

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