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I am reminded by this tragedy of the terrible terror that the children Beslan suffered in 2004, when assault rifles were thrust on babies in a peaceful school, on the first day of class, and three days of horror ensued. More than 300 souls lost their lives in that tragedy.

I am reminded of a tragedy in our own small town this past summer where a father murdered his soon-to-be ex wife and daughter, and son, both of whom were schoolmates of our kids, and then took his own life.

Love grows cold in the world and we are hard put to the test. May these little children and the adults slain in this horror, and yes, the shooter, and his murdered mother rest in peace.

Amen. Thank you for this.

I have lots I could say in elaboration of some of your specific points, but I fear I'd just fall into piling on the anger. I'll just say, thank you for being this blunt.

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