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Well, Fr Greg, His humanity was not so obvious to the Docetists, or the Apollinarians ;)

I was trying to not be so explicit about the communicatio idiomatum -- but it is there. I've left my latent Nestorianism behind, from my prior life.

And thank you, too, (not Fr) Greg. Not sure what you mean by biology: you may be referring to my penchant for Creationism and lack of conviction for evolutionism. If that is the case, you should take my Creationism as a rather haunted view of the environment that militates against rapine of Mother Nature.

And I should mention, too, that my use of the word "Nature" in the paragraphs above is not to be taken only for the environment, but rather, and mainly, for human nature.

That should have read "almost always agree" - these mobile devices leave something to be desired.

Oh geez - a priest with whom I almost (excepting biology) agree who also kind of likes Infinite Jest: you really should write this book. Really.

"He is, rather, the only Human left. Body and Soul. The only Righteous One -- the only One Who owned up to the Law, fulfilled the existential task of Nature, and -- moreover --

And it's a Good thing that He is also God."

It is precisely because He is God (and human, but his humanity is obvious) that He is "the only Human left....the only Righteous One...."

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