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Reading and familiarity of the Psalms - even if not memorized (as my mind's not that good), helps to acquire and aculturate ourselves in the language of God's people into an experience of our own. I think there is a sense that the psalms frame the prism by which we peer into the Old Testament and see Christ was with us from the beginning... though hidden, and that this in turn helps understand and ultimately see the Gospel not as a corrective bunch of new "Thou shalts..." as we so often allow, but as a loving and knowing embrace of our weakness... that it might be healed.

I'm not sure what the "intellectualization of absstractions of a single Essence" is all about... unless its referring to expunging of our non-rational somehow unworthy of God.. but maybe that's what you refer to here ?

I don't think this was ever an expectation of the laity. Any close reading and commitment to memory of the Psalms and the Gospels would be a blessing.

But I do think that clergy must be more spiritual in the Orthodox tradition, where the content of spirituality is the participation in the uncreated energy of the Trinity, where Person is experienced, rather than the intellectualization of abstractions of a single Essence.

The reason why I say this is because the commitment of the Psalms to life, and thence to memory, seems to mightily help prevent the sad end of the likes of Thomas Aquinas and Barlaam (and their many modern acolytes).

And what of us lay folk, should we strive to acquire the Psalms in this way?

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