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No, I really do mean "sorry."

My article "Less than helpful rules" is based on an intention that was, I think, too clever by half, or not really clever at all. I meant it as a list of imperatives under which I thought (and continue to think) too many clergy communicate in the public square (including the internet).

So, just to be clear, each of the seven (actually, eight) directives is a rule that I oppose.

I couched it in a sardonic and difficult style because, admittedly, I felt that way at the time, and, unfortunately, that's the way I think more often than not -- and I do not consider this a virtue. This style is my meandering way of denouncing verbal behaviors that I perceive in others, and more irritatingly, in myself. Particularly no. 6.

So I ask your pardon for the weirdness you probably found off-putting. You have a right to complain.

Just to be clear because internet based communication can be problematic, you're not really sorry right?

And it's not really the irony that I had trouble with, I got that much, I'm probably just tired and stupid.

So sorry about the use of irony that must have been mystifying.

Only in Trinity are love and work, belief and thought, prayer and life, the same.

Weird, I understand most of those words but the sentences are lost on me.

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