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We live in a quiet part of town - near a country club, so even though we're in the middle of town, quite a few streets around us are dead ends. There's not a lot of traffic around here, so the street we're on is very low priority on the plowing list. Sometimes, when it's less than a couple of inches, it may not get plowed at all. Right now I can look out the window and see the street as white as the yards around the houses and I like it.

I am probably in the minority and the reason seems a bit silly, but to me the road being white instead of gray puts me in mind of a time when life moved more slowly, when getting to work as fast as possible was not the most important thing, and when efficiency was not the last word. I'm not sure why your post made me think of this - it is such a small thing, and yet, in some ways, for me it isn't.

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