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You may just make me Orthodox.

You have traveled the road I have been on for almost two decades.

In the early 2000s, highly irritated by the Americanism that had infiltrated much of Christianity, I was ready to give it up.

I discovered Olivier Clement and everything changed. His Roots of Christian Mysticism is the second most read book in my library.

My journey was on. The Church Fathers, Evdokimov, and, most recently, Bulkagov are my constant companions.

It wasn't until the events leading up to and beyond 2020 that I fully unplugged from the 'evangelical' church (I had been lumbering along out of obligation to family, mostly the grandchildren).

I was not anxious to make the leap to Orthodoxy because, in all honesty, I had been exhausted by church, celebrity preachers, fundamentalism, proof-texts, clobber verses, the sublimation of political texts, and this incessant need for Christians to approach the faith as if being right is the goal.

Your post gives me hope.

Maybe, just maybe, there is room for Orthodoxy in America, not as an exotic 'other' or replacement for those in rebellion, but as a path that enables us to walk truly with Christ to be a Kallistos Ware in a world that is hungry for that spirit.

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